HDD Regenerator Professional 7.9.7: HDD Regenerator repairs bad sectors of damaged hard disk drives.

HDD Regenerator Professional 7.9.7

bad sectors of damaged hard disk drives. Program features Fast hard drive problems detection. Ability to detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface. Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface. No data losses in any mode! Corrupted data recovery (making unreadable data readable) User friendly intuitive interface Easy of use, no complex settings. You do not need to change a lot of complicated and unnecessary

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DRevitalize 2.42: Physical bad sectors recovery tool for floppy and hard drives.

DRevitalize 2.42

bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low level signals around the physically damaged area. The surface of almost any drive can be repaired with this utility (even hard drives that were dropped down or exposed to strong electromagnetic fields). This DRevitalize 2.42 (Demo) has a time penalty after repairing a bad sector. Major improvement

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HDD Regenerator 2011: HDD Regenerator repairs bad sectors on hard drive surface.

HDD Regenerator 2011

bad sectors, the disk not only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk losing information stored on it. The HDD Regenerator can repair damaged hard disks without affecting or changing existing data. As a result, previously unreadable and inaccessible information is restored. Program features - Fast hard drive problems detection - Ability to detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface - Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic

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Disk Repair Software 10.x: Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal software tool.

Disk Repair Software 10.x

bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs " Track 0 Bad Disks ". Bad sectors are a major problem in hard disks, which are found to be mainly logical in nature. Computer companies usually have to replace the hard disk. Most often bad sectors spread and corrupt Track 0 of the disk due to which it doesn`t get formatted, O/S doesn`t get installed or copying data gives error. Logical bad sectors are irregularities

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Best Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair 1.5: This is a Free Floppy disk repair tool. The program eliminates bad sectors.

Best Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair 1.5

Bad Sector Repair This is a Free Floppy disk repair tool. The program eliminates bad sectors of Floppy disk surface. It does not hide bad sectors in the file system, as Scandisk like utilities,it really restores them. Most damaged disk have incorrectly magnetized disk surface. There are also bad sectors that cannot be recovered because the magnetic surface is scratched. This utility prove the reliability of Flobo HDD Bad Sector Repair.This is a freeware

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Flobo Hard Disk Repair 6.2: Flobo Hard Disk Repair is a program designed to repair hard disks.

Flobo Hard Disk Repair 6.2

Flobo Hard Disk Repair is a program designed to repair hard disks damaged because of bad sectors. Bad sectors are those sectors that cannot be accessed,read or write. As a result of bad sectors, the operating system is not able to access data. Consequently, operating system freezes when trying to read and copy data from your disk.

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Best Flobo HDDDocRecovery 2.5: Recovers text and MS Word .doc files from corrupted partitions.

Best Flobo HDDDocRecovery 2.5

Flobo HDDBadSectorRepair performs repairing of the bad sectors of Hard Disk Drives regenerating HDD surface. This is not a CHKDSK or ScanDisk like utility! It does not mark the bad sectors in the file system and hidden them! It regenerates magnetic surface! So it repairs the bad sectors! It`s a very useful tool for advanced case of damaged media to be used when data recovery software can`t perform read.

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DiskPatch 3.5.300: Partition recovery, partition undelete, disk cloning and disk repair

DiskPatch 3.5.300

sectors, and `bad` sectors. Corruption of the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors account for the majority of the problems that lead to `mass data loss`; situations where an entire drive or partition can`t be accessed. You can fix these problems yourself using DiskPatch! Effective partition undelete, partition recovery, fixboot, bad sector repair and disk cloning. DiskPatch automatically repairs damaged, corrupt or missing partition tables and

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ANALYZER for RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk 0.3

bad sectors in system area of floppy disk. You can check if Boot Sector, FAT 1, FAT 2, and ROOT FOLDER sectors are good or bad. You find how much of remaining file system can help recover files when you use RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk. While RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk (RFD) brings simplicity into data recovery, ANALYZER for RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk V0.3 gives a head start to using RFD. When Boot Sector on floppy is bad, WINDOWS 98SE displays a window

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Floppy Disk Master-7 1.0: Utility for visual check floppy diskettes and read any sectors to file.

Floppy Disk Master-7 1.0

The program Floppy Disk Master-7 offers you the following possibilities: * Check floppy diskette to bad sectors; * Get list of bad sectors; * Save any sectors or whole floppy diskette to file on hard drive; * Use several diskette formats.

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